iran: militia torturing and breaking into people’s places

Today, 22 June, I received a message from an Iranian friend from Esfahan, central Iran.

She/he mentioned that the militia police is breaking into people’s places, torturing demonstrators, and disappearing with them

Besides that, the government is alleging that those killed are being supported by the outside world, which evidently is ridiculous

We all know that they are students, artists, professors, and regular Iranian people that can’t stand the oppression from their own government.

Read her/his report bellow

As I told you we all are worried if our voices won’t be heard after paying so much for it…

Every day the situation becomes much worse. We are under pressure for becoming silent and stop protest in any way. There is no different for going outside or showing your dissatisfaction and protest through [the] Internet. Still most of websites are blocked and they use some Mosavi’s website to find Mosavi’s supporters and arrest them. At first they hacked the websites by arresting those who were working on it and then use it for finding supporters. How unfair method…

Yesterday I saw one my friends. She was crying and told me that they arrested her brother, and since yesterday it has been 2 days that he was lost and my friend and her family still had no sign of him.

She told that at first Basiji’s [the unofficial militia that support the current government] went to one of Moosavi’s supporters staff and then arrested everybody and after torturing them they asked them to say the name of other supporters. One of them was my friend’s brother’s friend and he said his name.

So, after 1 day the Basijis found my friend’s house. She told me it was afternoon that they heard the bell ring and the Basijis asked something and they opened the door. Suddenly 12 of them went inside the house. She said it was terrible when they went inside.

They started shouting, they started to break any glass in their house, the glasses of windows or decoration or everything. Her mother is sick and before had heart surgery and you can imagine how much dealing with such a situation was dangerous for her. So they arrested her brother without telling where they are taking him to. Today is the third day that they have no sign of him. They went everywhere they could guess Basijis might have taken their son to but still there is no sign of him…

The thing which is so ridiculous is that the government pretends that nothing special happened and it connects all this incidents to some special groups outside Iran who are against their Regime.

Once I have heard from our television News that our leader announced that those who are being killed outside are not ordinary people; they are just those rebellious who are being supported by Iran’s enemies outside…

That’s funny. As you know most of us are students or professors or artists… people from different parts of society. So, how intellectual rebellious we are…

Today for showing our protest we use different signs instead of having demonstration. For example, today from 5pm to 6 m Moosavi’s supporters use their car’s lights by making it light for one hour to show their protest in streets. And tomorrow we have a striking I all cities of Iran. None of Moosavi’s supporters will go to class or for his or her job and whatever… we use any way until we are heard.

Really hard for us to see our people being killed and we cannot do anything.

Just God can help us…


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