iran: no more pictures — censorship being implemented

Today, 21 June, around 8PM Iran time, one of my friends wrote to me, saying that she/he won’t be able to take any further pictures of the demonstrations in Iran — she/he is the author of most of the pictures I posted in this blog.

The reason? Her/his camera was confiscated by the Iranian militia…

Censorship being implemented !!! No one in the West or anywhere should see what’s happening there…

She/he wrote to me:

I guess there is no need to tell you about how bloody was yesterday…

Well, I finally could log in to some websites, but can’t take pictures or videos anymore (those bastards stole my camera)!

Yesterday friends of mine and I were on our way and taking some pictures when at the entrance of Kargar St. militia stopped the car, first took our cameras, then drew my friend out of the car because he’d worn black [indicating that he was protesting against the government, and was sensitive to the dead].

They searched the whole car and our bags. But I can say I’m lucky because they didn’t search my pockets and I had a black ribbon and a CHANGE singe.

We just stayed calm and they were kind of busy with other protesters, so that ended to hitting the car with their nightsticks and spraying the car in red.

What are the news in the other side of the world, please inspire me with good ones.

What’s good here, on this side of the world? Is there any good news? I really don’t know what to answer…


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