iranians shot dead: their mothers being beaten

I left Iran immediately after the election day.
Today, again friends were sending reports to me.
Around  2AM Iran time, 16 June, a friend of mine send me the report bellow. More than 10 were killed, hundreds injured, and their mothers beaten on mother’s day!!!
“With or without permission, today Tehran witnessed thousands of people in the rally against election results.

The demonstration was supposed to start from Enqelab (revolution) Sq. and continue to Azadi (freedom) Sq.; but numerous people occupied kilometers farther from the aforesaid area. The demonstration was going well, Mousavi and Karubi joined people there, other reformists (I saw Khatami’s ex interior minister)[joining as well], people in different ages…

After gathering in Azadi Sq., a group of people headed north (maybe radio TV station), seconds later shootings were heard; I saw injured men being carried by people and then angry crowd attacked a militia base (Basij) [plainclothes supporters of Ahmadinejad] with stones, where the shooting came from.

Some friends from University told me Tehran University dorm was assailed last night, about 10 (not sure about the correct number) have been killed. Yesterday mothers of those who’ve been arrested during these days were beaten by anti riot forces, like many other women, and yesterday was woman/mother day in Iran!

Nevertheless, still can hear voices from streets.”

For pictures of the demonstrations, including Iranians being beaten, and shot dead, click here.
And a good piece by the Guardian here.

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