iran: a friend of a friend killed today — thrown from the top of a building

Yet another friend of mine wrote me a sad report today from central Iran

I intendedly kept it the way my friend wrote it, just adding some explanations and/or some words to make it easier to understand. Of course I took people’s names out, and omited the gender.

“We all are so sad if our effort and hopes will be without any results finally for all of us.

Yesterday we were supposed to have a big demonstration based on what Moosavi asked from his supporters through his last message in Internet…

So in the other big cities such as Shiraz, Esfahan and also Rasht and some others like Mashhad, Ghazvin , and Ahvaz and beside Tehran… It was held and started at 4 pm. [these cities range from north to south, east to wet Iran, i.e. the whole country]

As what you could follow in Tehran, it was so crowded and also in 5 or maybe 5:30PM Mr Moosavi [the other main candidate], Mr Khatami [former president of Iran from 1997 to 2005. He also served as Iran’s Minister of Culture in both the 1980s and 1990s.] and Mr Karrubi [another candidate] joined them as well. Mr Moosavi gave them a short speech.

In Esfahan [central Iran] the situation was not so good. As we didn’t have any leader and we all came out to showing our demonstration, they acted in the way that we are their big enemies to make turmoil there…

A friend told me that for showing their dissatisfaction they set fire to some 15 police motorcycles and to a police station.

But, then special guards of police came there and tried to take all of them. There is a group of Leader’s supporter we call them Basisji here. They are so extremists and aggressive toward people.

Yesterday [June 15 Iran time] this group arrived to arrest every body there… As what our friend says, the special police was so wild [that] if they took anybody [they would] hit [us] and attack us so much. If the person was alive they took him with themselves and if not they left him there…

Our friend was with 6 of her/his friends and some others, [and they] ran to an alley for protecting themselves. Our friend and others used pieces of stones and bricks… but the Basijies were so wild and angry.

Suddenly the Basijies started to attack and ran to take our friend and others. So they ran to 3 apartments which were near each other there. So they divided in 3 apartments.

Our friend and his friend were in one apartment. Our friend said that the Basijies come to each of the apartments to take protesters. Our friend says that the Basijies started to break the doors and glasses of windows. They were so angry and if could take anybody [they would] hit them so much…

At first before our friend and her/his friends went to one of [the] apartments’ section, they were on the roof of [one of the] apartments. Suddenly the Basijis got there and our friend and his/her friend came to [to hide in] one of [the] apartment’s part.

But the Basijies could take one of them on the roof and hit him and then they throw him from the roof to the street… so he died.

Our friend is shocked because of it…

It is horrible…

So, the Basijies started to come to the part that our friend and her/his other friend were. Our friend and one of her/his friends tried to hide in [the] toilet with a knife in their hands and they were just praying at that moment.

Two of them hid in [the] air-conditioner channel. The Basijies didn’t see in which part they entered. But in the one that our friend was inside, there was a metal door, and those who were living there after accepting our friend and her/his friend inside from the balcony locked that door, which was further away two rooms in front of the balcony.

So the basijies entered those rooms, but because of that door it seemed that there was no one inside this section. So they went back…

Simultaneously, our friend and her/his friend were waiting for their death there…

The same situation in Tehran…

We have heard from our friends that they also killed some of our protesters there.

Two days ago [there] was also a bad situation in Esfahan. We just went out in Chahar Bagh street for showing our protest. After 20 minutes they blocked the street for cars and suddenly special police guards came in with motorcycles.

I couldn’t hear any thing at that moment. The sound that I just could hear were chilli sprays in the air and the battoms that they were using to hit us.

They arrested some of us. But we didn’t leave there. I with 3 other girls and one woman was waiting near a building in front of street. Suddenly they came inside, and I just saw them near us. The woman beside me was just asking them not to hurt us.

So they started to hit me, a bad kick on my back and pushed us. After a while I have realized if I [would] stay there they would hit me more with battom so I just started to run and one of them was following me with a battom on his hand coming to hit me more.

I just ran until I went to a commercial building near there and the ones who were looking at street just let me come inside and closed the door. So, the man outside at first wanted to enter but after a while left there… because the street was so crowded and there were lots of us outside…

We are so upset and can not believe how is that possible when someone abuses the other’s right and never let them to criticize him…

This bad situation is continuing here. We are hopeful that maybe the outside world hear us and ask them to give our right to us. WE WANT OUR VOTE. WHERE IS OUR VOTE???

We never stay silent, we [will] continue untill they hear us…


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