iran: people, including women, being beaten by police

In the last 2 weeks I saw with my own eyes hundreds of thousands of people in green in Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz, the last one 900 Km south of Tehran, cheering peacefully and happily for Mousavi.

Friday, the 12th, a few hours after the election was over, 30million votes were counted… Even in Tabriz, the home of Mousavi, the Iranian government claims that Ahmadinejad won by more than 50% of the votes. It is widely known in Iran that Tabriz is hugely for Mousavi.

The facts speak for themselves…

Friends are contacting me several times per day. Some of them have been beaten up badly by police. Some have their mobiles taken away. No text messages, no pictures, no films.

It has been reported that BBC and Voice of America was shut.

Internet is tremendously slow.

Facebook, widely used in Iran, is blocked. Twitter as well.

Several Iranians are using proxies to circumvent the filtering and blocking of Internet websites.

One of my friends just wrote:


Tehran streets [are] surrounded by soldiers, anti riot guards and militia, although people are still there. Musavi declared a parade tomorrow from Enqelab Sq. to Azadi Sq. (Also his wife Zahra Rahnavard [a great supporter of his candidacy demanding women’s rights], in her speech at Tehran University) and I’ve heard if they [the government] don’t give permission for that he is going to refuge to Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine.

There are around one hundred reformists who have been arrested since last night; reformist newspaper which are impounded or self censored.

Tehran University and the dorms, girl’s dorm of Esfahan Industrial University were attacked by government forces; Ayatollah Sanei who banned cooperation with current state (FATVA) is home arrested in Qom; and some corps form yesterday’s conflicts.
Here it is a video of police beating a woman.
Another video, os several youngman injured by police.
And dozens of photos of the conflicts, taken by Faramarz.
Another friend told me today:
1-they beat you whether you are in a group or alone. 2-they confiscate your mobile phone if they see you are taking photos. 3-they use tear gas to disperse people . to be continued..
And finishes by saying:
i was beaten badly tonight. Several girls and women were beaten badly as well. they arrested many people. Isfahan is like hell… people have risen..tomorrow there is gonna be a big demontration in the big square… there would be at least 200,000 people in there…we cant take our cameras because the elite guard will confiscate them. if they see u with mobile phone taking photos they beat u to death. I tell u, it’s a coup détat…god bless iranian people…

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