bollywood food in geneva

Believe it or not, I’m back to Wonder Land, aka Geneva, after 4 days in Brazil.

Yesterday I grabbed a taxi in Rio, and 2h later I woke up here… that’s how it looked to me.

Eating a massive shawarma at 12:20h Geneva time, i.e. 7:20h Rio time, doesn’t seem to be the best breakfast choice, but that’s exactly what I did after all I already miss Lebanon !!

But talking about Geneva, last time I was here I could not blog on the Indian restaurant I went to.

It’s name is Bollywood, named after India’s Bombaim movie industry — as you all know, the second largest movie industry in the world, after Nigeria’s Nollywood, and before USA’s Hollywood.

Here it is how the menu looks like: a DVD cover !!

Bollywood DVD cover: restaurant's menu
Bollywood DVD cover: restaurant’s menu

On a huge projector on the wall they were screening Bollywood movies and music clips: all cheesy, of course!!

So we dinned with the sound of Bollywood.

The food was simply delicious: I ordered a veggie Korma, a mixture of some mild spices with a sweet flavour.

Plus we also ordered a couple of Naam breads with garlic (see pic. bellow): Ganesh would love it !!

I was about to forget it: for drink we had a delicious mango lassi — a typical Indian mixture of yogurt with mango.

At the end: mint tea to digest.

Ah, as recalled by Fábio, I had missed part of the story: the (Indian) waiter kept rushing us to order quickly or he was lightly threatening us not to keep changing our orders, as if he had an appointment and had to leave soon. We were a bit stressed in the beginning, but then we made some jokes and the guy eased on us.

here's the menu / DVD cover opened
here’s the menu / DVD cover opened

NB: the pics. were taken with a mobile phone — don’t mind the quality, thus.

veggie Korma + naam bread with garlic
veggie Korma + naam bread with garlic

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