i wish

Brazil is perhaps the most peaceful and safe country on Earth.

We don´t  have earthquakes.

We don´t  have tsunamis.

We don´t  usually have massive floods.

We don´t  have active volcanoes.

We don´t  have hurricanes.

We don´t  have war.

We don´t  have xenophobia.

Racism is almost nonexistent.

Homophobia is almost nonexistent.

We have cultural and religion syncretism.

We are a country of immigrants:  Japanese, Germans, Italians, Lebanese, Koreans.

We are a country of happiness, of smile, of warmth, of excellent weather, food, music, and culture. A country of great people.

But I wish our people would also be culturally ashamed of  stealing,  just like the Arabs are.

I was quite impressed how secure Lebanon and Syria are. One can leave his US$ 1,000 camera unwatched: nothing will happen. One can use her laptop on a public park at midnight:  no one will bother.

People just know stealing is not right.

I wish our people could think the same way…


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