“i love hitler”

I was in Damascus, Syria, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth, more than 10,000 years old, and needed directions on how to reach the bus station so as to head up north to Aleppo, or Halab, as it is known to Arabic people, a city strategically located between the Indies and Europe, and much used back on the times of the silk road.

I then asked a guy who seemed to speak English — how do I know that? by the way he was dressing: much Western style, besides being somewhat young. He was very kind, and under an ardent Sun walked us to a minibus stop, several blocks away from where we were. I was impressed just by that friendly gesture: no one back in Sao Paulo or Rio, or almost anywhere in the world, would walk so many blocks under a boiling Sun just to show a tourist where to take public transport.

On the way, again the basic questions: “where are you from?” Brazil… “Good, but I prefer Germany. I like Germany, and I love Hitler.

Wow, I preferred not to ask further questions on that specific topic……

But as I could see, many people there cheer for Germany.

Coincidence?! Don’t know…

What I know is that Brazilian football is much better. Then perhaps Spanish, English, and Italian football. But German football? They’re a bit too robotic for my taste…


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