24h: burka + bikini

Yesterday I woke up in Damascus, Syria.

Today early in the morning I woke up in sunny Rio, Brazil.

In less than 24h I saw women wearing burkas, and now I have to hold my breath seeing girls on bikinis at Ipanema beach… wow!!  What a change…

It amazes me how technology (read: airplane) changes the world. From spreading (swine) influenza within 12h, to making it possible to cross the whole planet within a few hours.

Yesterday I had goat cheese, plus black olives, and pita bread for breakfast.

Today after having a great “mate” tea with lime at Ipanema beach, I just had a massive “abará“, a typical dish from Salvador and its Bahia state, Brazil — a traditional dish, similar to “acarajé“, developed by the slaves who came from Africa, as part of a religious tradition called Candomblé.

Unfortunately I haven’t taken pictures today: for your own good, I decided to keep you away from seeing these great food and perhaps not being able to eat them   😉

I will make short posts this week, with impressions from Lebanon plus Syria.

And at the end of the week there will follow photos from Lebanon and Syria: stay tuned !!


2 comentários sobre “24h: burka + bikini

  1. Heeyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    Welcome home!! Friend!!

    Me emocionei com a linda descrição sobre os avanços da tecnologia!!!
    By the way, saudades de uma praia…



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